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World Future Council urges G8: Act Now to Maximise Renewable Energy Worldwide Concrete proposals offer way out of Climate Chaos.


Hamburg, 04 June. The World Future Council (WFC) calls on the G8 to “face up to their unique responsibilities by responding actively and immediately to the planetary ultimatum we have all been given.” The challenge of climate change will only be overcome by “global sharing of access to vital resources and technologies, ensuring clean energy, water, nutrition and education for all.”

In its founding document, the Hamburg Call to Action, the World Future Council appealed to leaders of the G8 + 5, meeting in Heiligendamm, Germany, to “no longer waste the ample energy the earth receives from renewable sources”.

Stefan Schurig, Climate and Energy Director at the World Future Council, says “Renewable energy is the best overall solution to climate, energy and economic security.”

The WFC proposes a three-point action plan to speed up worldwide employment of Renewable Energy.

The implementation of the Feed-In Tariff system in grid connected countries. This simple, low-cost mechanism has turned several European countries into world leaders in the renewables sector

Facilitating renewable energy access in non-grid connected areas by international agreements on sharing best available technologies

Setting binding carbon reduction targets. A legally binding cap on greenhouse gas emissions creates confidence in carbon markets and keeps the price of carbon high, which in turn encourages the development of clean technologies.

Holding the closing speech at the Alternative G8, which takes place parallel to the actual summit, will be World Future Council Executive Committee member, Dr. Vandana Shiva. Also director of the „Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology“ in New Delhi and world renowned environmentalist, Shiva says the world must act together now to ensure a sustainable, just and peaceful future.

"For planetary security, we need Earth Democracy which means stronger democracy at the grassroots everywhere."

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The World Future Council is a new global voice speaking up for the interests of future generations. Consisting of 50 prominent personalities from the worlds of governments, parliaments, business, civil society, science and the arts, the World Future Council works with policy-makers and citizens world-wide to identify and implement the best policies for a sustainable future.

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